Bharatpur Palace and Museum

Government Museum, Bharatpur was established on 11 November, 1944 in Lohagarh Palace. This museum primarily consists of 581 stone sculptures, 10 inscriptions, 120 terracottas, 13 metallic objects, 670 coins, 1966 weapons, 196 miniature paintings and 861 local art & crafts.

Bharatpur government museum is a major attraction for all the dwellers of Bharatpur and travellers alike. Located in the heart of Lohargarh fort, it was transformed into a museum in 1944 AD. There is also an art gallery in the museum which comprises the specimens of miniature paintings on leaves of peepal tree, mica and old litho papers. This museum primarily consists of stone sculptures, inscriptions, terracotta items, metallic objects, coins, weapons, miniature paintings and local art. All these items speak volumes about the rich heritage, art and crafts of the region.